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1 - The Role Of Scripture In Our Lives - Nick Mercer

Updated: Mar 18, 2022


  1. Does God talk through Scripture? How?

  2. I feel that I do not need to go to Church.The only thing that matters in Christian life is reading Scripture by myself.

  3. I only listen to Scripture in Church. Should I feel guilty about it?

  4. How does Scripture tell me what to do in my life, especially when I have a difficult decision to make?

  5. I have never engaged with Scripture. What is the best way to start?



One of the most enjoyable, informed and accessible books on Scripture I have ever read. It succeed in locating the divinity of the Bible in its inconsistencies, flaws, variety - that is in its humanity. One gem among countless others:

“For those who count the Bible as sacred, interpretation is not a matter of whether to pick and choose, but how to pick and choose” (Rachel Held Evans).


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