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2 - Liturgy. The Time Of Grace - Victor Stock

Updated: Mar 18, 2022


  1. Is liturgy prayer?

  2. Liturgy and the body

  3. Should we worry about ritualism?

  4. Is not repetition boring? Should there be a place for spontaneity in our celebrations?

  5. Does liturgy have an impact on our relation to time?

For a summary of the preparatory readings click here



  1. Goffredo Boselli, The Spiritual Meaning of the Liturgy, Collegeville (MN), Liturgical Press, 2014

    1. Goffredo Boselli is a monk of the ecumenical community of Bose, in Italy, and a well known author. This is a contemporary and well-informed take on a variety of liturgical issues.

  2. Gregory Dix, The Shape of The Litugy, Bloombury 2015

    1. Dom Gregory Dix (1901-1952) was an English monk and priest of Nashdom Abbey. This work was published for the first time in 1945 but it has become a great classic. For those who are not afraid of tackling a 800-page work!


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