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5 - A Rule Of Life - Nick Mercer

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Short video with an overview of the Rule of Life
Short video of Luigi Gioia interviewing Nick Mercer
Full video recording of the conversation between Luigi Gioia and Nick Mercer May 12 2021


  1. Christians have the Gospel. Why some choose to follow a rule of life?

  2. Which are the most common rules of life?

  3. How does one chose a particular rule of Life?

  4. Different personalities and rules of life

  5. A help when our life changes


  1. 'What is a Rule of Life?', from The Northumbrian Community

  2. Introduction to the Rule of St Benedict

  3. A short Rule of Life Workbook - Let this stimulate your imagination for drawing up a simple grid/framework (if you think that way) or narrative or ‘letter to God’ (if you prefer that approach). It comes from a broadly evangelical Christian tradition but this simple workbook structure helps you think about intentionality in your own spiritual life. (‘Practicing The Way’ is a project of Bridgetown Church in Portland, Oregon, in the United States.)

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